Julia Agostino
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Julia is a Chicago-based Research and Writing Intern at Food Tank. She holds a B.A. in Design from the University of Notre Dame where she also studied Anthropology and Business Economics. With a keen interest in public health and evolutionary biology, she empowers consumers to make more informed grocery choices through working with WhatsGood, a company taking a modern approach to localizing food systems. When she’s not working, Julia spends her time learning about urban agroecology, frequenting museums, playing piano, and spending as much time outdoors as the Midwestern climate permits.

New Cookbook Boasts Healthy Recipes That Can Save the Planet

The U.N. and the Kitchen Connection Alliance have partnered to create a cookbook that empowers cooks of all levels to make healthier and climate-friendly meals.

20 Books About Food to Carry You Through Summer 2022

Uncover the hidden world of food this summer with these 20 books.

USAID Pledges Nearly $1.3 Billion to Support Food Security in the Horn of Africa

The effects of the climate crisis, compounded by the rising costs of cost of food, fuel, and fertilizer, are threatening to drive rates of hunger even higher.

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