Katell Ane
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Katell Ané (she/her) studies International Relations at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the global politics of food. Her interests in food insecurity in her hometown led her to volunteer with FairShare CSA Coalition, a nonprofit working to create a more sustainable food system in Wisconsin by promoting the Community Supported Agriculture model. Since working with FairShare, Katell has been passionate about changing food systems to address broader questions of racial and migrant justice, health disparities, and Native sovereignty. She spends her free time hiking, dancing, and marveling at heirloom vegetable varieties.

Social and Environmental Justice Activists React to EU Farm to Fork Strategy

The EU’s new Farm to Fork strategy marks a turning point in climate change legislation, setting forth principles to alleviate the environmental and social impacts of food production and food consumption

Practicing Dignity in Food Provisioning in Scotland

More people in the United Kingdom are struggling to access food. Nourish Scotland’s online workshops help emergency food volunteers promote the dignity of those in need.