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Kathleen has just made the leap to the blustery Midwest from New York City, where she recently completed a Master's Program in American Studies at Columbia University. Kathleen now lives in Chicago, and is ready to explore the local food culture of another fabulous city. In between hiding out from Polar Vortexes, of course.

10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Chicago to Explore

In neighborhoods, rooftops, parks, and even its airports, urban agriculture in Chicago is thriving. These ten projects are definitely worth exploring.

Abalimi Bezekaya – A replicable model for a sustainable food system

Abalimi Bezekaya: a successful model for a solution against poverty and hunger.

Feeding the 5000 Wages War on the ‘Global Food Waste Scandal’

Tristram Stuart and Feeding the 5000 uncover the ‘Global Food Waste Scandal,’ and inspire others to find solutions to global food waste.

GFAR Works for “A Revolution in Agricultural Research for Development”

GFAR’s mission to create a platform for resource sharing and collaboration is moving stakeholders toward a much-needed “revolution in agricultural development.”

How Veggies Can Save the Food System: The World Vegetable Center

The World Vegetable Center improves vegetable supply chains in developing regions through local projects and global research.

UC Berkeley Journalism Fellowship Makes Food a Serious Topic in the Media

The 11th Hour Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship offers journalists a chance to report on topics related to U.S. food systems.

10 Exciting Urban Agriculture Projects in Philadelphia

Looking for ways to get involved in some great urban agriculture in the City of Brotherly Love? Check out these projects that we love!

PASA’s 23rd Annual Farming for the Future Conference is Going Back to Nature

“Letting Nature Lead,” the theme of this year’s PASA Farming for the Future Conference, focuses on turning back to the Earth to determine farming strategies.

Dietitians for Professional Integrity Criticizes Big Food’s Phony Nutrition

DFPI’s report, “The Food Ties that Bind,” exposes the problems of Big Food sponsorship for the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.

A Recent Article from La Via Campesina Tells Policymakers: Free the Seeds!

To preserve biodiversity, La Via Campesina’s article calls for the liberation of seeds from international market restrictions.

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