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International Year of Family Farming: Enset as Women’s Business

Enset is a drought-resistant crop that requires few inputs, growing it can be an easy way for female farmers to find financial independence.

Enset Leads to Better Physical and Financial Health For Women

Enset is a staple crop common to Southern Ethiopia traditionally harvested by women and may be an integral part of a solution to food security.

International Year of Family Farming: Teaching Gardens Create Healthier, More Informed Students

The AVRDC will expand its teaching garden program, which has been proven to improve nutrition and knowledge of indigenous crops.

International Year of Family Farming: Forecasting Famine Could Prevent Great Hardship. Why Isn’t It?

Famine forecasting systems are more sophisticated and effective than ever, but a report from Chatham House shows that prediction isn’t leading to prevention.

International Year of Family Farming: Oxfam and New ILC Initiative Take Action Against Land-Grabbing

A new campaign from Oxfam and a new initiative from the International Land Coalition (ILC) are working to fight land grabs and achieve justice for smallholders.

International Year of Family Farming: New Bill in India May Combat Rural Poverty with Micro-Plots

India’s Parliament will be voting soon on the National Right to Homestead Bill, part of the country’s latest Five Year Plan.

USDA Updates National Farmers Market Directory for National Farmers Market Week

The USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory now lists 8,144 markets, up from 5,000 in 2008.

Micro-plots: How Small-Scale Farming Can Improve Food Security and Decrease Poverty in India

Micro-plots are parcels of land the size of a tennis court, but the impact they can have on a family is much bigger.

“Farm Rx”: Georgia Organics Works to Bring Food and Medicine Together.

Georgia Organics, the Georgia organic farmer association, reached out to healthcare professionals with a “Food as Health” track at their 2013 annual conference.

Local 20/20 Food Resiliency Action Group Helps Communities Improve Food Self-Sufficiency

Local 20/20 works to get members of the rural communities in Jefferson County involved in a variety of community-strengthening projects such as gardens.

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