Kelsey Kober
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Kelsey is a research intern for Food Tank. She currently studies Political Science and Philosophy at Denison University and hopes to pursue a career in public policy.

Feeding America Report Paints a Portrait of Hunger in America

Feeding America released the 2014 Hunger in America report, which examines the characteristics and challenges of households receiving charitable assistance.

From Campus to Community: Chicago Students Embrace Waste Reduction

With the help of grants, students on Chicago campuses embrace composting to combat excess food waste.

Sun Valley Farming: 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Phoenix

Food Tank explores ten of the most innovative urban agriculture projects in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Green Solution: How Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Can Help Central American Cities

Latin American and Caribbean cities are implementing urban and peri-urban agriculture in order to adapt to the increased regional urban population.

Minnesota Protects Bees from Insecticides

Minnesota has enacted a new law that will ensure that plants marketed as “bee-friendly” have not been treated with harmful insecticides.

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