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International Year of Family Farming: Small Grants Go a Long Way for Farmers Markets

Recent evidence shows that grants from USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program were effective in promoting local food systems.

Enset’s Growing Potential for Alternative Markets

The indigenous crop enset contributes to regional food security in Ethiopia and has potential for consumption outside of the rural highlands.

Nordic Diets Show Potential to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Study shows that new, alternative Nordic diets are associated with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Nordic Council of Ministers Calls for Advertisements to Create Mass Awareness of Food Waste

Creative foodies and conscious marketers – enter ad competition and raise mass awareness of food waste.

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team Foodisclosure

Can a small LED light offer a big contribution to food security?

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team CrOpportunity

Would you choose food with a “certified food secure” label?

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team O.A.S.I.S./Project Desert Farms

Students envision cultivating the desert as a solution to food insecurity.

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team Ingenerovictus

Team Ingenerovictus envisions turning food scraps into fertilizer and incentivizing food donations with an Android credit system.

North Brooklyn Farms Opens to the Public

The newest addition to New York’s urban farming community opens to the public.

Food Hero: Dimitri Gatanas, Founder of Harlem’s Urban Garden Center

Community compost, refurbished pallets, and urban hens make for an out-of-the-ordinary garden center experience.

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