Lauren Peller
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Lauren Peller is a Research and Writing Intern at Food Tank. A New York native, she is currently studying Journalism at George Washington University. She is passionate about public health and food reporting and has worked for numerous publications and newspapers. Lauren enjoys traveling, writing and discovering new food.


Buzzing for British Honey: Emily Abbott Stresses the Importance of Local Products

Emily Abbott, founder of Hive & Keeper Ltd celebrates the rich variety of local British bees, beekeepers, and honey.

Mike Lufkin: Use Locally Grown Foods to Rebuild Food Systems

Mike Lufkin strives to improve the local food system in Seattle and oversees King’s County’s Local Food Initiative and he will be at the Food Tank Summit in Seattle.

Anne-Teresa Birthwright: Improving Jamaica’s Food System, Agriculture, and Farmer Practices

Check out Anne-Teresa Birthwright, a female in the food industry who is working towards addressing farmers’ concerns in one of Jamaica’s primary agricultural areas – the coffee industry.

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