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Mackenzie is an avid writer, traveler, yogi, and cyclist. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she headed east for college, graduating from Boston University with degrees in Political Science and Environmental Analysis & Policy. She currently puts her skills to use in Washington, D.C. as an environmental advocate. She can be reached at

Cafeteria Blues: An Interview with Chef Ann Foundation CEO Mara Fleishman

Mara Fleishman of the Chef Ann Foundation tells Food Tank why she quit the corporate food industry to focus on revolutionizing school lunches.

Food Sustainability Media Award to Boost Sustainable Ag Coverage

Reuters Foundation and Barilla Center offering nearly US$11,000, publication, and media training to outstanding coverage of food security, sustainability, agriculture, and nutrition.

Transforming vacant buildings to urban farms—how one D.C. start-up leads the way

With a monthly yield of nearly 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg), Locals Grow Smart uses urban farming to bring job training, nutrition education to residents of D.C.’s Northeast side.

Something’s Fishy about Seafood Labels

Watchdog Oceana released a report that found mislabeling on 58 percent of seafood in the U.S. This fall, Google, Oceana, and SkyTech are teaming up to launch the Global Fishing Watch program to fight illegal fishing and mislabeling.

Healing the Homeless with Grow Good

Grow Good’s mission statement greets visitors.

Starbucks Launches Nationwide Food Rescue Program

Starbucks and Feed America team up to rescue millions of healthy meals for the homeless and veterans.

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