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Maia Reed is interested in food issues big and small. She has a diverse range of experience including fundraising for a farm-based job training program, cooking for salvaged food collectives, and contributing to USAID agricultural programs. She is currently pursuing a Masters of the Environment with a specialization in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies from McGill University. An avid traveler, she enjoys watching how people from different cultures connect and interact through food.

10 Ways You Can Grow a Better Food System

Food Tank shares small, sustainable ways to help grow a better food system – minus the dirty hands.

The Secret to a Carbon-Friendly Diet May Surprise You

Author Nicolette Hahn Niman discusses soil’s important role in sequestering carbon and the unexpected ways that eaters can help mitigate climate change.

Celebrating Farmer Creativity Around the World

The international network Prolinnova hosts Farmer Innovation Fairs across the globe to bring together smallholder farmers and celebrate their creativity.

New Research: Rethinking Industrial Animal Production

New research by Food Tank details the significant and far reaching consequences of a food system dominated by industrial animal production.

The Double Pyramid Guides Eaters to Healthy and Sustainable Food Choices

The Double Pyramid reimagines the way eaters calculate the consequences of their dietary choices by encouraging healthy and sustainable foods.

Scaling Up Ecological Cultivation: An Interview with Richard Charity of Fazenda da Toca

Food Tank speaks with Richard Charity, Sustainability Manager at Brazil’s Fazenda da Toca, about the success of the large-scale family-owned farm.

Supporting Family Farmers in 2014 and Beyond

Throughout 2014, Food Tank has been honored to collaborate with numerous organizations around the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF).

Promoting Urban Agriculture is Policy in San Francisco

San Francisco leads in urban agriculture by providing a pathway to property tax reductions for urban growers.

WEBINAR: Reducing Farm Losses from Farm to Market with Lisa Kitinoja

On October 15, Food Tank will host an exclusive webinar featuring Lisa Kitinoja, founder of The Postharvest Education Foundation (PEF).

Does Organic Make Food Better For You?

A new study shows that organically-grown produce has a higher nutritional value than conventionally-grown produce.

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