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Marisa is a Masters candidate of the Food Policy and Applied Nutrition program at Tufts University. In addition to her academics and work with Food Tank, she is involved with the Long Beach Health Department’s healthy retail program and nutrition education efforts. Marisa is passionate about food justice, nutrition, and sustainable food policy. Find her on social media: @marzipantsai

Oakland’s Freedom Farmers’ Market Celebrates Diversity in the Food Movement

The Freedom Farmers’ Market in supports black farmers and increases food sovereignty in Oakland, California.

19 Food Films to Inform and Inspire

Check out Food Tank’s list of food films.

New Report Urges African Governments to Increase Sustainable Agricultural Practices

The Montpellier Panel released a report calling on African governments to increase sustainable agricultural efforts.

Rethinking Meat: An Interview with Ariane Daguin

Ariane Daguin, founder and CEO of D\’92Artagnan, explains the importance of humane and sustainable meat production.

Healthy Retail Programs Help Transform Local Corner Stores

Innovative healthy retail programs are changing the way we eat, one corner store at a time.

Brazil’s Dietary Guidelines: Eat Real Food, Together

Brazil’s dietary guidelines provide sensible, food-based advice to combat the double burden of undernutrition and obesity.

New Report Reveals Influence of Pesticide Lobby on Bee Protections

Friends of the Earth released a report revealing the role of the pesticide industry in weakening pollinator protection policies.

Eight Countries Taking Action Against Harmful Food Marketing

Countries around the world are taking action to combat harmful junk-food advertising.

U.S. to Send Peanuts to Haiti Despite Controversy From Aid Groups

The USDA\’92s decision to send surplus peanuts to Haiti is facing pushback from aid groups and farmers.

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