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Marisa is a Masters candidate of the Food Policy and Applied Nutrition program at Tufts University. In addition to her academics and work with Food Tank, she is involved with the Long Beach Health Department's healthy retail program and nutrition education efforts. Marisa is passionate about food justice, nutrition, and sustainable food policy. Find her on social media: @marzipantsai

New Food Metrics Provide Better Information on Access to Nutritious Foods in Africa

The Indicators of Affordability of Nutritious Diets in Africa project will help policymakers and program managers craft policy that ensures access to a diverse, nutritious diet.

New Metrics Revolutionize Dietary Data Assessment

The International Dietary Data Expansion project seeks to improve national health and nutrition policies in developing countries by enhancing the process of food data collection and analysis.

Food Industry Shares Food Waste Reduction Efforts in New Report

A new booklet from the Consumer Foods Forum highlights successful approaches to measuring and reducing food waste from companies including Kellogg’s, Carrefour, and Nestle.

Adult Cancer Survivors Underconsume Whole Grains, Overconsume Empty Calories

Research from the Friedman School at Tufts University and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital links childhood cancer with poor dietary habits in adulthood.

New Report Ranks Countries on Food Waste, Nutrition, and Sustainable Agriculture

The Food Sustainability Index ranks countries by food system sustainability and identifies best practices in food waste, nutrition, and agriculture.

When Meal Kits Go Vegan: An Interview with Andy Levitt of The Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a vegan meal kit company that delivers delicious, plant-based meals to subscribers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and West Coast.

Cover Crops in the Corn Belt: An Interview with Sarah Carlson

Practical Farmers of Iowa helps farmers conduct on farm experiments and facilitates farmer to farmer knowledge sharing.

New WHO report calls for action against harmful online food marketing

Lack of effective digital marketing regulation threatens efforts to halt child obesity, according to the new WHO report.

Grassroots Community Initiatives Revitalize Tucson’s Food Economy

One of the hardest hit cities of the 2008 recession, Tucson is experiencing an economic recovery thanks in large part to a thriving food scene.

Ten Questions with Roger Thurow, Senior Fellow at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs

Food Tank had the chance to speak with Roger Thurow, Senior Fellow at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, who will be speaking at this year’s Food Tank Summit in Chicago.

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