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Max De Faria is a former Research and Writing intern for Food Tank. He is a current double major in Geography and Spanish with a minor in Political Science at Clark University in Worcester, MA. His interests are primarily focused on the relationship between food and public policy at local and global scales. He is originally from Rhode Island and enjoys travelling, watching documentaries, and reading in his free time.

Insect Farming to Benefit Orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Farms for Orphans’ founder, Amy Franklin, discusses her inspiration for the nonprofit and its goals for insect farming in the DRC and beyond.

Nancy Tosta: Food Connects Us to Our Health

Nancy Tosta, a Board Member of Tilth Alliance, encourages everyone to seek out local produce and the need to connect our food to our health.

Ernesto Fonseca on the Intersection of Development, Policy, and Food

Ernesto Fonseca, CEO of Hacienda CDC, highlights the plight of low-income communities in accessing and affording healthy, sustainable food options.

Vicki Wilde on the Benefits of Women’s Agricultural Empowerment

Vicki Wilde, senior program officer at the Gates Foundation, explains the importance of women’s role in the agriculture sector and the need to ensure that their voices are heard.

Amber Lambke: Returning to our Roots Through Grains

Amber Lambke, President of Maine Grains, Inc., talks about returning to Maine’s grain producing history to strengthen local farmers and the economy.

Jeremiah Lowery: “Food Insecurity Was a Recurring Theme in my Life”

Highlighting personal experience, Lowery encourages an intersectional approach to food policy and understanding of current food issues in the D.C. area.

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