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Michelle Winglee is a freelance writer who covers topics on environment, agriculture, and energy. She previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Fellow at Food Day before embarking on a year-long Mandarin fellowship in Taipei and Beijing. Her publications have appeared in outlets such as Foreign Policy, SupChina, The Diplomat Magazine, and ChinaDialouge. She is interested in pursuing the nexus between economic and environmentally sustainable development. You can follow her @MichelleWinglee.

Indian Community Grocery Moves Into Dupont

The food scene in D.C. is changing. Pansaari is the first all-in-one local, organic, no waste, Indian grocery store, chai bar, and commercial kitchen.

China’s Meat, Processed Food Consumption is Rising. What Does That Mean for China?

Meat is on the rise and the changes in diet occurring in China carry rippling effects around the world.

The Case for Connection: Urban Farming Takes Root in Upper West Chicago

Once vacant land plots of Nicky’s farm have undergone a dramatic transformation- and so has the neighborhood of East Garfield Park in Chicago, IL.

A Push for Sustainable Agriculture in China from the Top Down and Bottom Up

Politicians, farmers, and consumers look to change the tone of sustainable agriculture in China.

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