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Miranda is a former Research & Writing Fellow for Food Tank. Miranda's interest in food systems originated while she studied anthropology at George Mason University. During the three years after graduating, she worked at a research organization focused on the wellbeing of children and youth, where her project work introduced her to topics including healthy schools legislation, school nutrition, and healthy eating programs. Miranda is also active with food-focused organizations in Washington, D.C., volunteering with farmers' markets and interning with a school-based food education program for elementary schoolers.

Cashew Creations for Women’s Employment in Senegal

Cashews are not just grown; they’re also processed. This project generated opportunities for women in Senegal to be part of the process close to home.

Report Reveals Groundbreaking Results for Rice Farming

A new report reveals final results from the largest-ever regional project to expand the System of Rice Intensification, an agroecological rice farming methodology.

Farmers Create the Ingredients to Reverse Climate Change

Food Tank asked our readers to share what innovations they find most exciting to deal with climate change on the farm. They responded with diverse examples from around the world.

Marc Buckley Wants Us to See the World Differently

Marc Buckley tells Food Tank about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and his work spearheading a sustainable food and beverage company.

Celebrating Efforts—Big and Small—to Stop Food Waste

For Stop Food Waste Day, Food Tank is celebrating the work of individuals and organizations ensuring that food is nourishing people instead of going to waste.

Ag Is “Not a Question of Winners and Losers”

The Gilbert Family share their story, their advice to aspiring farmers, and their hopes for the future of food and agriculture.

Seeds Bring New Life during the Ebola Crisis

Responding to Ebola, this initiative distributed thousands of tons of seeds to the countries most affected by the crisis.

Enroll Now! Free Online Course on Sustainable Food Systems

The free online course “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective” is designed to prepare students to work in the agri-food system and meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Will Agroecology be the Solution to Mitigate Climate Change? Food Tank Goes to the United Nations FAO to Make the Case

Building on a Global Dialogue, the Second International Symposium on Agroecology will generate next steps to “scale-up and scale-out agroecology.”

Tune in Saturday: 30+ Food Leaders to Discuss Food Policy

The first-ever Food Tank Seattle Summit is almost here! Check out the 30+ food leaders speaking at the Summit to advance the food policy conversation.

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