Natalie Quathamer
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Natalie was a Research and Communications intern with Food Tank. She is a registered dietitian with a bachelor of nutritional sciences from McGill University and a passion for food sovereignty, intuitive eating, and tackling issues on social justice and human rights through the lens of food and agriculture. Natalie has seen first hand how our unstable food system has impacted her clients’ health, both physical, mental and emotional, and has made it her mission as a new health care professional to make that system more just and empowering.

“Food Won’t Solve Hunger. Income Will.”

Choosing food as a solution to food insecurity may seem like the low-hanging fruit, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. The complexity of the crisis merits a deeper solution.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere: Microplastics in the Food System

Move over pesticides—there is a new interloper jeopardizing the health of food systems across the globe, and you are likely wearing it, sitting on it, or drinking from it right now.

Can Behavioral Science Make our Food Choices More Sustainable?

Behavioral scientists want to fill grocery carts, take-away containers, and fridges with sustainable food, without consumers needing to think twice about it.

Sowing the Seeds of Change: Integrating Education and Agriculture in Rural Nepal

Join Food Tank in discussion with Surya Karki about his mission to bring quality education to Nepal, and why teaching agriculture and sustainability are key to alleviating poverty.

2018 San Diego Food Tank Summit: Improving Food Sustainability Panel

In a food system that pushes cheap and fast food production, the impact on health, social justice, and climate change is unsustainable. Join our panelists at Food Tank’s San Diego Summit to discuss the true cost of food.

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