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Indigenous Crop: The Golden Nugget Squash

The Golden Nugget squash, which also known as the oriental pumpkin, is part of the Cucurbita maxima family.

Indigenous Crop: The Boston Marrow Squash famed for its custard-like, buttery flavor

The Boston Marrow Squash is an old heirloom winter squash that is well known in Northeast America. It is was featured in Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.

Indigenous Crop: The Jerusalem Artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke is part of the artichoke family and it is native of North America. It is also called sunroof, sunchoke, or earth apple.

Indigenous Crop: The Chiltepin Pepper, extremely hot!

The chiltepin is infamous for being an extremely hot chili pepper, and ranks very high on the Scoville Scale.

The Role of Japanese Cooperatives Post Fukushima

In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese cooperatives have embraced social responsibility in times of public fear.

Indigenous Crop: The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, an American heirloom domesticated in New York

The Long Island Cheese pumpkin is an American heirloom that was domesticated in New York in the 1860s. It was named for its resemblance to a cheese wheel.

Xao Ban: A Women Run Neighborhood Cooperative in Laos

Xao Ban is a women run cooperative that works with Lao households to produce natural foods and increase local employment levels.

Largest Milk Brand in India is a Cooperative

Amul dairy has been key in uplifting the social and economic status of women in India, providing them with an additional source of income to alleviate poverty.

Organic Farming Cooperatives In Nepal: One That Is Exclusively Run By Women

Panchakanya Agriculture Cooperative Ltd is a Nepalese cooperative well known for its use of organic methods and for being an exclusively women run organization.

Indigenous Crop: Otto File, this corn variety is high in protein and helps preserve biodiversity

The Otto File, also known as the eight-row flint corn, originated in New England. Its seeds are saved to help preserve and improve agriculture biodiversity.

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