Peyton Fleming
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Peyton Fleming is a freelance journalist covering climate change, energy access and food security issues in Africa. His articles have appeared in the Guardian, National Geographic, Quartz Africa and numerous other publications. He also has extensive experience at nonprofit groups tackling global poverty, food and energy security and climate change. He can be reached at

COVID-19 Is Hitting Kenyan Horticulture Exports Hard

Kenya’s horticulture export sector was booming, but now it is being pummeled by COVID-19 and travel restrictions. Some growers are finding new opportunities in local markets.

Opinion | Bringing Food Cold Chains to More People in India

Only 4 percent of India’s perishable crops move through cold-chains, a big reason why food losses and malnourishment are still pervasive in the world’s second most populous country.

Cold Conundrum? Getting Nutritious Food to More People in Ethiopia

While agricultural production of fruits and vegetables has surged in recent decades, millions of Ethiopians are still not eating them. Children are hit the hardest by poor-quality diets, with millions suffering from growth-limiting stunting.

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