Suzannah Schneider
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Suzannah employs food as a fun, delectable, and crucial way to change the world. She works on a variety of sustainability endeavors at a large catering company while pursuing a Master’s in Food Studies at NYU. Her academic arenas include the history and social implications of veganism, drinking water psychology, and streamlined sustainability. You can find her on Twitter @suzieaprovecha

Five Ways Cell Phones are Changing Agriculture in Africa

Africa innovatively harnesses the power of mobile technology to improve agricultural practices.

Is Obesity Contributing to Global Warming? Recent Studies Share Surprising Results

Obesity is known to have negative consequences for human health, but recent studies suggest that it can be just as detrimental to the planet.

Five Sustainable Culinary Programs for Aspiring Green Chefs

A new wave of culinary programs aims to change the food paradigm by telling a story of sustainability through food.

Trees That Feed Foundation Promotes Wellbeing for People and Planet

The Trees That Feed Foundation plants edible trees in developing nations that feed people, create jobs, and protect the environment.

Isha Datar’s In Vitro Meat

Isha Datar offers a novel–and possibly environmentally friendly–solution to meat production by growing muscle cells in vitro.

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