Pasta Advisory Council Helps Eaters Tailor Pasta Portion Sizes

In response to recent research confirming that very few Americans consume pasta in the healthiest ways, The Barilla Group has released a new portion reference guide to help eaters unlock the health benefits of the Italian staple. When prepared in the right ways, pasta can be a central component of a healthy diet, but American restaurants on average serve portions 480 percent larger than nutritionists recommend.

Using Pasta as a Tool in the Food Waste Fight

In the global fight against food waste, pasta can be a valuable ally. A dynamic base for meals central to numerous culinary traditions, pasta’s utility lies in its versatility. Leftovers unable to fill a plate on their own can be incorporated into pasta dishes or served alongside many quick-to-prepare pastas, according to the Passion for Pasta Advisory Council.

There Are Healthy and Unhealthy Ways to Eat Pasta, Research Reveals

To better understand pasta’s role in the American diet, Barilla funded an examination of the relationship between pasta consumption, diet patterns, and diet quality.