Seeds&Chips: Connecting Food Sustainability and Technology

Food Tank spoke with Seeds&Chips CEO Marco Gualtieri about the marriage of technology and sustainable food systems, the so-called “Internet of Food.”

Colorado’s Incredible Irrigation System Conserves Water, Produces Green Energy

USDA approves Colorado hydropower project proposal for funding as part of a new conservation initiative.

Factory Farms, Avian Flu, and You

Due to the avian flu outbreak that has affected much of the nation’s egg supply, the U.S. will start importing this popular protein source from overseas.

23 app per cellulari che stanno cambiando l’alimentazione

Food Tank presenta le 23 applicazioni, scaricabili su smartphone, che stanno cambiando il futuro dell’alimentazione

30 donne sotto I 30 anni che stanno cambiando l’alimentazione

30 donne, provenienti da tutto il mondo, stanno tracciando la strada per un futuro migliore ed ecologicamente sostenibile per l’alimentazione

Women Farmers are Guardians of Crop Diversity in the Andes

Women farmers in the Andes play an important role in preserving crop diversity.

Does Eating Organic Really Make a Difference?

What happens when a family switches from a conventional diet to an all-organic diet? Swedish researchers offer some answers.

“Top Small Town” Invests in Local Food

Small town business leaders team up to fill gaps in local food financing.

Book of the Week: Seed Libraries and Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People

Learn about seed libraries and start your own with Cindy Conner’s new book “Seed Libraries and Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of People.”

New Report Calls for Stronger Public Sector Support for Agricultural Research

AGree released a new report calling for smarter public sector investment in agricultural research.