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Alexina Cather works at the New York City Food Policy Center. Alexina completed her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley, where she received a BA in Integrative Biology and a minor in Anthropology. As her interests in food systems and public health grew, she went on to complete an MPH from the University of San Francisco where her research focused on Environmental Health, Food Systems, and Sustainability. Alexina is interested in food justice, increasing access to healthy foods, and urban agriculture.

Helping Smallholder Farmers Build Stronger Businesses with Information and Communication Technology

Information and communication technology can offer new business opportunities for smallholder farmers.

Wild Fermentation: An Interview with Sandor Katz

Sandor Katz talks about food activism, self-sufficiency, and fermentation with Food Tank.

Harlem Grown Helping to Empower Youth

Harlem Grown\’92s urban gardens help to teach children about food justice, sustainability, and nutrition through hands-on educational programs.

30 Indigenous Crops Promoting Health and Contributing to Food Security

Indigenous crops may offer a sustainable solution to food insecurity and the increasing loss of biodiversity.

Two Billion People Eat Insects and You Can Too

Edible insects have long been a part of the human diet and are commonly consumed as a food source in many regions of the world. It is estimated that two billion people currently consume insects as part of their diets.

Local Markets are a Key Resource for Seeds for Small Farmers

Local markets are highly utilized channels in places like Kenya, Haiti, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and more.

Sixteen School Lunch Programs Making a Difference

Organic, sustainable, and nutritious school lunch programs are a great way to fight obesity and food insecurity.

The Eat Think Vote Campaign Wins a National Food Policy for Canada

The Eat Think Vote campaign prompts the conversation for a national food policy in Canada.

Urban Farming Hits the Big Leagues

Sports venues across the United States make efforts to advance a more sustainable food system.

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