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Redefining the Connection Between Plant and Cuisine: Deborah Madison’s Vegetable Literacy

Vegetable Literacy is a cookbook that looks to nature for innovations in the kitchen.

A YOUng FARMer’s vision

Three young farmers stories are highlighted in A YOUng FARMer’s vision.

Think.Eat.Save Gives the Tone

The U.N. Environment Program’s Think.Eat.Save campaign is working to decrease food waste.

Humanely sourced meals at the tip of your fingers; A new app supporting animal welfare

Finding restaurants that serve humanely sourced foods could get a lot easier with the Humane Eating Project app.

International Conference on Agriculture, Food, and Urbanizing Society 2014

The next International Conference on Agriculture, Food, and Urbanizing Society will take place in Amsterdam in May 2014.

NOFA-NY Winter Conference: Supporting Organic and Local Farmers

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York Winter Conference features workshops on sustainable, local, and organic farming.

SeedTabs: Bringing Organic Seeds to a Coffee Shop Near You

SeedTabs is encouraging organic gardening by making organic seeds readily available to the masses.

The Kokopelli Seed Foundation, Improving Biodiversity and Curbing Hunger

The Kokopelli Seed Foundation: fighting hunger and improving biodiversity through organic seed cultivation

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