Elizabeth Wilkes
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Elizabeth is a student of human geography and ecology, based in Washington, D.C. + Athens, GA. Currently a research intern at Food & Water Watch, she is also deeply involved with Real Food Challenge and committed to organizing for a sustainable food system and a more just and loving world -- and feels confident these go hand in hand.

Veterans Gain New Life with Heroic Food: Interview with founder Leora Barish

Heroic Food has a mission to provide sustainable agriculture instruction to veterans seeking meaningful careers. Founded in 2015, the program is aimed at supporting veterans in their transition back to civilian life and providing opportunities for health and employment “while…

Students Launch Nationwide Rolling Fast for Farmworker Justice in Columbus, Ohio

Nineteen students affiliated with Ohio State Student/Farmworker Alliance (SFA) and Real Food OSU fasted for seven days in March to urge the administration of Ohio State University (OSU) to cut their contract with Wendy’s. The fast was a response to…

New York’s Dynamic Duo Leads the Food Waste Fight with Transfernation

Samir and Hannah started as two college students with an idea—now, the duo leads the fight against food waste for events across New York City, rescuing tens of thousands of pounds of food annually. Learn more about their story and future plans in this exclusive interview with Food Tank.

20 Organizations Fighting For Food Justice

Discover folks around the world fighting for food justice in their own communities and across borders.

UN Calls for “Drastic” Changes in Agriculture at COP 22 in Morocco

( Leaders from around the world are asking governments to take action on food security and climate change simultaneously through food system transformation.

Celebrating International Day of Rural Women 2016

On October 15, the world celebrates rural women and their essential roles in sustainable development.

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