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Emilene Sivagnanam is Research and Writing Intern at Food Tank. She received her M.A. in Climate and Society from Columbia University and received her B.S. in Earth Sciences from Oregon State University.  Emilene is interested in the complex relationship between climate change, food security, and agricultural development. From her travels around the world, she became particularly interested in Southeast Asia and the impacts climate change is bringing to smallholder farmers in this region.  In addition to writing for Food Tank, Emilene is an intern for NASA DEVELOP, where she is building her geospatial analysis skills in order to technically evaluate environmental changes.

ASPCA’s Guide Helps Farmers Choose the Right Welfare Certification

Welfare certification is a small but growing section of the marketplace; ASPCA’s Farm Animal Welfare Certification Guide covers three certifications that s represent a spectrum of higher-welfare ways to raise farm animals, from indoor-enriched systems to outdoor, pasture-based systems.

Opportunity to Grow and Connect Agroecological Farmers

MESA’s online certificate course in applied agroecology is an opportunity for learners to network with farmers and food advocates worldwide, and gain a holistic understanding of agroecology in seven lessons that encompass academic, scientific, socio-political, and traditional knowledge.

Under Contract: Documentary Exposes Hardships of Contract Farming

Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print gives a voice to farmers who are trapped in merciless production contracts. The documentary allows farmers and industry experts to describe how production contracts—the new face of modern agriculture—is reshaping rural America

Kaitlin Y. Cordes: Investing in Agriculture for a More Sustainable World

Interview with Kaitlin Cordes, head of Investments in Land and Agriculture at Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI). On the SDGs and achieving secure tenure rights to land.

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