James Mather
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James is a culinary professional, writer and consultant based in Brooklyn, NY. He has more than a decade of culinary experience in New York City and serves on the Slow Food NYC Communications Committee. He has contributed to a variety of online publications and has contributed writing and research to various published works from the El Bulli Foundation. He graduated magna cum laude from New York University and holds an MA in Comparative Literature from University College London.

Building Sustainable Seafood Supply Chains

In partnership with the James Beard Foundation, Postelsia wants to help chefs and restaurants support healthy oceans and a sustainable seafood industry.

22 Organizations Supporting Mental Health Along the Food Chain

A study finds that many workers along the food chain experience elevated rates of suicide compared to the general population.

Green Hope Offers Youth Solutions Around the Globe

Green Hope Foundation creates youth-led localized solutions for sustainable development in regions and communities most affected by climate change.

Nipah Virus Reemerges in India

Farmers worry how the concerns over the virus might impact demand for their products.

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