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Jonathan Bloom is a journalist, consultant and thought leader on the topic of food waste. Jonathan wrote the book American Wasteland and created the site Wasted Food. He regularly speaks and consults on the subject of wasted food. A Boston native and food waste warrior, Jonathan now lives Durham, N.C., with his wife, two sons and many, many containers for leftovers. He serves on the Food Tank Advisory Board.

Schooling Food Waste: How Schools Can Teach Kids to Value Food

There’s much ado about food waste these days. The Obama Administration set an aggressive food waste reduction goal by 2030, five states and a few cities have banned it from landfills, Congress held hearings on the matter, the Ad Council created a suite of “Save the Food” public service ads, and the National Science Foundation just donated US$1 million to tackle the issue.

Responsible Cooking is New Norm at Copenhagen’s “Amass”

Matthew Orlando shares his thoughts on Amass Restaurant’s attempt at zero food waste.

Weighing in on Campus Food Waste

Willamette University organized an event demonstrating campus food waste.

Awareness to Action: Representative Pingree’s Food Recovery Act

U.S. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s introduction of the Food Recovery Act marked a culmination and a commencement in the fight against wasted food.

Researching the Remains: A Leftovers Q&A with Food Historian Helen Veit

Michigan State University history professor Helen Veit researched the history of leftovers and discovered results anyone with a fridge will want to know about.

Imperfect Implications

Minnesota study observes the effect that selling ugly produce has on the economy.

Scanning Away Food Waste? How RFID Tags Could Minimize Retail Food Waste by 20 Percent

The global packaging company Avery Dennison is working to bring radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to supermarket shelves.

The Hunt for Alphabet Veggies Brings Kids Closer to Produce

Have you ever seen an alphabet made out of fruits and vegetables? Me neither. With your help, that’s about to change.

Survey Says… Americans Care About Wasted Food

The first ever national consumer survey on wasted food in the United States was published June 10.

Maria Finn: Rethinking Our Relationship with Art, Food, and the Sea

Artist and author Maria Finn suggests innovative ways to eat locally and purchase justly in part two of Food Tank’s Q&A.

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