Kimberly Behzadi
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Kimberly Behzadi, MBA is a self-described food lover - but more than just a #foodie. Her interests span from food history to food advocacy specifically supporting the local food movement and eliminating food scarcity.  Her career spans plant-based milk startups to working for Mr. Peanut on the Planters brand. When she's not working, she's volunteering and learning about her local food advocates including the Chicago Meat Collective, Plant Chicago, and more. Her goal of 2020 is to read 45 different food-related books.

Mutual Aid: Chicago’s Love Fridge Fights Food Apartheid

As Chicago residents deal with with the economic downturn of COVID-19, the Love Fridge Chicago is bringing fully stocked refrigerators to neighborhoods struggling with food apartheid.

Combating Water Scarcity on the Navajo Nation

Nearly one in three Navajo Nation households are without indoor plumbing. Yolanda Tso founded WATERED to bring handwashing stations to households to help fight COVID-19.

The Chicago Meat Collective Launches Local Meat Share Program

A Chicago butcher launched a meat shares program to connect consumers to affordable, locally sourced meat.

Niman Ranch Family Farmers Give Back to the Land and Their Community

In this month’s Niman Ranch Farmer Friday Feature, Food Tank talks with Chad and Tammy Ingels family about multi-generational farming, sustainable agriculture, and community engagement.

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