Lexi Luong
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Lexi Luong is a fourth year student at UC Santa Barbara studying Environmental Studies with a concentration in Feminist Studies. She is especially interested in edible insects, environmental law, corporate sustainability, and climate change. In her free time, she enjoys reading, raising mealworms, and going to the beach.

D.C. Nonprofit Tackles Food Insecurity with Community Fridges

Feed the Fridge fights hunger with community fridges.

20 Books About the Food System to Read this Fall

Food Tank is highlighting 20 books about culinary traditions, food policy, biodiversity, and more to read this Fall.

Global Index Shows Top Food and Beverage Companies Must Do More to Fight Malnutrition

A recent report ranks food and beverage companies’ efforts to combat obesity, undernutrition, and micronutrient deficiencies.

Meat the Mushroom Is Helping Consumers Embrace a Plant-Based Diet

Encouraged by demand from their local community this Baltimore business wants to help consumers transition to a healthy, plant-forward diet.

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