Madeleine Beller
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Madeleine Beller is a Research and Writing Intern at Food Tank. She has a passion for all things food – not just cooking and eating, but access, security, and sovereignty. Her experiences studying oenology in South Africa, managing a kitchen in DC, getting dirty in the garden, and working in non-profit Environmental Sustainability and Food Security have given her the opportunity to cultivate a meaningful relationship with food and agriculture. With degrees in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, Madeleine enjoys connecting with and understanding the world around her.

Triumph Over Apple Scab: University of Minnesota Releases Apple Variety Resistant to Fungal Disease

After 30 years of research and development, Triumph is a “triumph over apple scab,” with benefits for the environment, growers, and consumers.

Healthier Oysters, Healthier Chesapeake Bay

As filter feeders, oysters help remove nutrients from the Bay and keep harmful algae blooms in check. A healthy fishery is an indicator of a healthy Chesapeake Bay.

21 Children’s Books Spreading Love for Food and Community

Food Tank is highlighting 21 titles to help inspire youth to take an interest in the food they eat and the world around them.

Reimagine and Re:wild Your College Campus

Re:wild Your Campus is reimagining Colleges without toxic herbicides and pesticides.

Food Donation Can Help Nigeria Fight Hunger and Cut Food Waste

The Global Food Donation Policy Atlas research shows Nigeria could benefit from improved food donation policies.

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