Natalie Wright
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Natalie Wright is a food and environmental justice advocate at both the local and global level. She completed her bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in International Relations: Global Environment, Public Health, and Natural Resources and master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Education and History. While writing for Food Tank, Wright continues her education at UCLA in Food Studies, as well as Plant-Based Nutrition at Cornell University. Originally from Berkeley, CA, Wright currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. When she is not working you can find her practicing yoga or out on the trails.

Unveiling the Revolutionary Role of Food in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement

The recently published Food Power Politics: The Food Story of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement by Bobby J. Smith II spotlights the role of food as a political weapon and tool for resistance in the context of the Civil Rights…

Empowering Kids with Nutrition Education

Kids In Nutrition wants to foster healthy habits in young eaters.

Harvesting Hope: How the Prison Agriculture Lab Exposes Exploitation in Prison Agriculture

The Prison Agriculture Lab seeks to answer the where, what, and why of agricultural practices in the criminal punishment system.

Agriculture, Education, and Advocacy: Teens for Food Justice Offers a Recipe for Success

Teens for Food Justice is tackling food insecurity in New York City through school-based hydroponic farming systems.

20 Children’s Books Celebrating Food and Agriculture

Discover children’s books that empower young readers with food literacy, inspiring them to build a sustainable food future.

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