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Nicholas Vroman is a writer and cultural explorer living in Japan. He writes on food, wine, film, and more. He and his wife, Virginia Sorrells write Ajimi, a blog on food, wine, art, fabrics, music, culture and whatever hits their fancies. Nick's film writing can be found on his blog, a page of madness. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Japan Times, McSweeney's, Wine Enthusiast and many other publications. His recent focus has been on issues of sustainable seafood, locavore culture and the Good Food movement in general. His most recent articles have appeared on the Food Tank website, in the Christian Science Monitor and on's Good Food on Every Table blog.

Japanese Eels Face an Uncertain Future

The Japanese eel is on the edge of extinction. Issues of science and politics will determine if they survive.

European Eels on the Slippery Slope of Survival

The European eel is on the critically endangered list. The UK’s Sustainable Eel Group is working hard to ensure they survive.

The Future of Rice in Japan

Japan’s agricultural future stands in the balance of many interests.

Food Hero: Sibella Kraus, Regional Food Leader Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

Sibella Kraus carried out various influential projects and initiatives that have been recognized by the jury of the Growing Green Awards.

Trees: Allies of Urban Gardeners

Although air pollution has adverse effects on urban agriculture, the capacity of trees to remove major air pollutants guarantees healthier crops growing nearby.

Food Hero: Chip Taylor, Pollinator Protector Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

Chip Taylor has been awarded for his work as director of Monarch Watch, a program protecting monarch butterflies from extinction.

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