Rebecca Jevons
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Rebecca has recently completed a Masters in Violence, Conflict and Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She intends on pursuing a career in research and policy related to food security issues. To contact email:

This is Rubbish: Stop Wasting Food

This is Rubbish is piloting several free events in London and Oxford this Fall to educate people on the millions of tonnes of food wasted every year.

Snacks to Deal with Social Problems: An Interview with Elizabeth Bennett

Locally sourced snacks help disadvantaged women get back on their feet.

Women Spearhead Biodiversity Protection in Tajikistan

Women are making shockwaves in Tajikistan biodiversity management.

West African Farmer Innovations to be Showcased in Burkina Faso this November

Burkina Faso will host an innovation workshop for smallholder farmers across West Africa.

2014 Food Sovereignty Prize Awards Two Grassroots Organizations

The 2014 Food Sovereignty Prize will honor the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and Community to Community Development on October 15.

Jamaican Youth and Women Battle Against Climate Change

Jamaican women and youth lead the battle against climate change with the help of Ja REEACH.

Manure Drives the Production of Sustainable Cheese

Manure leads the way for green sustainability on the U.K.’s largest cheese farm.

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