Samantha Skinazi
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Samantha Skinazi is a writer and researcher specializing in the food system, ethics, animals, and the environment. She recently completed a Ph.D. in Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she wrote Animal People: Freaks, Elitists, Fanatics, and Haters in U.S. Discourses about Veganism. Her dissertation dismantles stereotypes about vegans, telling the curious story of how a practice that seeks to reduce harm has become a frequent subject of cultural ridicule. She also explores problems in vegan communities such as white privilege, single-issue optics, and perfectionism.

Miyoko’s Kitchen: Leading the Dairy Revolution

When asked why she uses a political term like revolution to discuss cheese, Miyoko answers matter-of-factly, then elaborates connecting all of the political decisions that get made to take a glass of cow’s milk from subsidy to table.

Miyoko’s Kitchen: Compassionate Business Model

While Miyoko’s revolution has long-term goals for the planet, she implements her values on a daily basis at each stage of production.

The Dairy Revolution: Vegan CEO Working to Help Dairy Farmers

“We can revolutionize by helping farmers transform their dairies into new enterprises and then we’re helping ourselves and we’re helping them. We’re helping the world.”

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