Sarah Costa
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Sarah Costa is a Research and Communications Intern for Food Tank and has experience conducting research and consulting projects in the life sciences industry. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation, & Governance, and is passionate about food security, sustainable agriculture, food policy, and waste reduction.

Scientific and Traditional Knowledge Is Helping Save the World’s Largest Freshwater Fish

This program brought an average increase of 29 percent per year in the Arapaima fish population in the region, and an average increase of 25 percent per yearin the income of communities.

Alternative Use of Food Scraps: Building Communities

Small scale composting helps build community, improve local soil, and save cities up to US$250,000 a year.

Half the World’s Pigs Are Facing the Largest Animal Disease Outbreak in History

“Slaughter data suggest that up to 100 million hogs could be removed from China, potentially reducing production by 20 percent.”