Stacey McFadin
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Stacey McFadin is a freelance writer based out of New York City.  She is a yoga teacher with a background in nutrition, dance, and law.

Harvard Law Report: Food Waste Reduction Ripe For 2018 Farm Bill

Harvard Law report states that Congress could prioritize the issue of food waste through the 2018 Farm Bill, and in turn minimize environmental impact of waste in landfills, create jobs, and redistribute unused food to the hungry.

Food Insecurity a Pressing Issue Amidst Urban Growth in Africa

As African cities continue to grow, a new study highlights the problem of food insecurity across the urban-rural continuum, and finds that food insecurity has a socio-spatial dimension.

“Women’s Work” Jobs Keep Millions of Women in Poverty, Report Finds

Oxfam America and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s report found that of the millions of people in America working low-wage jobs, the majority are women.

13 U.S. Companies Failing on Deforestation-Free Beef

All 13 US consumer goods companies scored by USC for the strength of their deforestation-free beef policies and procedures received a score of “limited” or “very limited.”

NYC AgTech Week Underway

NYC AgTech Week is back for its second year with over 18 events, ranging from for-profit to nonprofit urban agricultural endeavors.

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