Loren Cardeli: Support the farmers that can't make it to the farmers' markets

Loren Cardeli, Founder and President of A Growing Culture (AGC), has worked closely with smallholder farmers around the world and helps consumers to reevaluate how their relationships with farmers.

Brian Roe on the Circular Economy as a Paradigm for Sustainability

Brian Roe spoke to Food Tank about the potential gains from food waste reduction: improving local and global food security, improving our stewardship of natural resources and the environment, and improving the economic efficiency of farms, businesses, and households.

Medeiros on Food Sustainability: "This is the kind of challenge that people can solve"

Jude Medeiros, Regional Vice President for Sodexo, is inspired to teach a new generation of sustainability advocates to create sustained change within the food system.

Elizabeth Balkan: “Waste is very much a design flaw”

Elizabeth Balkan reshapes role that the NYC Department of Sanitation plays in addressing issues of waste management and calls on actors all along the waste stream to examine how they can get involved in reducing waste.