Clare Miflin: Reducing Waste Through Biomimicry

Clare Miflin founded Woven, a consultancy dedicated to weaving together urban and natural systems; metrics and vision; people and place, creating whole system designs that reduce material consumption.

McClafferty: "Invest innovation and funding to the non-staple foods"

Bonnie McClafferty talks to Food Tank about the ability for private enterprise to contribute to the public good, but the work must be additive and practical.

Brian Roe on the Circular Economy as a Paradigm for Sustainability

Brian Roe spoke to Food Tank about the potential gains from food waste reduction: improving local and global food security, improving our stewardship of natural resources and the environment, and improving the economic efficiency of farms, businesses, and households.

Remembering Sam Dryden: Global Leader in Food Security and Agricultural Development

Global food security and agricultural development leader and advocate Sam Dryden has passed away at age 67.