16 Campaigns that Reveal the REAL Cost of Food

Industrial agriculture is externalizing the environmental and health costs associated with food production, these 16 campaigns fight back.

The GM Labeling Law to End All Labeling Laws

Timothy Wise of Tufts University gives an update on the GMO debate.

Voices of Soil: Video and Essay Contest Celebrates International Year of Soils

The Voices of Soil Essay and Video Contest, celebrating the 2015 International Year of Soils, is now open to submissions.

A Summer to Remember: An Interview with Borlaug-Ruan International Intern Sweta Sudhir

Sweta Sudhir, Borlaug-Ruan International Intern travels to Ankara, Turkey to participate in Agricultural lab-research.

Food Sovereignty and Farmers of Color: An Interview with Natasha Bowens

Food Tank interviews Natasha Bowens, author of the new book, The Color of Food.

A Future in Farming: An Interview with World Food Prize Youth Institute Participant Melissa Garcia

Inspired by experiences at the World Food Prize’s Iowa Youth Institute, Melissa Garcia pursues a path in agriculture.

Helping Farming Thrive in the Hudson Valley

Glynwood operates a number of programs to help farming thrive and ensure its viability in the Hudson Valley region.

In Cages and Pastures: Sonia Faruqi’s New Book Takes a Closer Look at Animal Agriculture

Sonia Farqui’s new book takes a deeper look into animal agriculture and what it means for people and the planet.

Celebrating International #YouthDay

Young people are not only the food leaders of tomorrow, but the changemakers of today.

Projects Emphasize Open-Source Technology and Data for Agriculture

Open Ag Toolkit and FarmBot are democratizing small-scale solutions for farm management through open-source models.

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