Farmers Can Achieve High Yields While Lowering Environmental Footprint

Ecological intensification of agriculture allows farmers to achieve high yields from limited land without degrading the natural environment.

Peliti Festival Celebrates Freedom of Seeds, Food, and Earth

Peliti, a prominent seed conservation group in Greece, recently hosted a Worldwide Meeting For the Freedom of Seeds, Food, and Earth.

Farmer Spotlight: Jennifer Long Escalated Her Backyard Garden Into A Full-Fledged Farm

Food Tank spotlights Jennifer and Bruce Long, organic farmers in Biolley, Puntarenas Costa Rica.

Educating their Grandchildren, One Harvest at a Time

Improved harvests have allowed Paul and Alice Barasa to plan for the future.

World Health Organization Study Proves Need for Regulation of Fast Food Industries

With more health problems being linked to the success of fast food companies, the role of government is being questioned.

Growing Ideas: Projects Work to Spread Agricultural Innovations

Scientific Animations Without Borders and the SANREM knowledgebase are implementing creative approaches to spreading new ideas and technologies in agriculture.

Farming Pioneer Joel Salatin’s Secrets to Reconnecting with Your Food

Polyface Farm is simple in its complexity. By working with nature, Joel Salatin has had a positive impact on the food chain.

34 Indigenous Crops Promoting Health and Feeding the World

Food Tank has compiled a list of indigenous fruits, vegetables, and grains that are nutritious, delicious, and contribute to sustainable livelihoods.

12 College Campuses Leading the Way for Sustainable Dining

These university dining halls are striving to be sustainable by serving locally sourced food to their students, staff and faculty.

MyFood30: Growing Tomorrow’s Food Leaders

MyFood30 launched a 50 day campaign to hear young people’s views on the future of agri-food systems.

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