Growing Farmers Around the Globe

Training new farmers is key to feeding the world. These educational programs are up to the task.

The EAT Initiative to Host Event ‘Achieving Sustainable Nutrition Security for All’

The EAT Initiative will host event focused on sustainable nutrition security to coincide with the UN Summit and UN General Assembly.

Milk With Dignity: Farmworkers Reach Important Agreement with Ben & Jerry’s

Farmworkers that provide labor for Vermont’s dairy farms reached a critical step in the Milk With Dignity campaign.

Small-Scale Farming to Stop Cocaine Production

As Colombia halts its aerial spraying program, the alternative development programs look to turn farmers towards legal agriculture.

Taste Education helps Edible Insects Attract Consumers

Taste education helps shift eaters from seeing insects as a “pest” to “potential” in sustainable food and agricultural systems.

Kuli Kuli Brings Nutrition to West Africa by Bringing Moringa to America

Kuli Kuli harnesses the power of superfood “moringa” to bring cross-national nutrition to those in need.

World Leaders to Seek Global Warming Solutions at COP 21

Global climate discussions will take place later this year in Paris, France, at COP 21.

Recipes for Change: Chefs Feature Ingredients from Small Farmers Adapting to Climate Change

Chefs and farmers are working together in the developing world to adapt to a changing climate and create unique #RecipesForChange.

Exploring The MEANS Database: An Interview with World Food Prize Youth Institute Alum Maria Rose

World Food Prize alum Maria Rose has a powerful new project that aims to connect food to those in need.

James Beard Foundation Announces Sixth Annual Conference

The James Beard Foundation announces its sixth annual conference: Rethinking the Future of Food.

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