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Airlie recently completed a Masters in Food and Resource Economics. She is now working on her family farm in Australia and developing an online portal ( to encourage sharing and collaboration across the agricultural industry (@AirlieTresc)

10 Foods That Grow in Unexpected Places

From the bog-grown cranberry, to the cave-dwelling mushroom, take a journey with Food Tank through some unexpected places that food comes from.

Forum for the Future Shows Organizations that Sustainability Is a Great Investment

Forum for the Future, a nonprofit founded in 1996, builds partnerships through the value chain to drive a more sustainable food system.

Pineland Farms: Magic Happens When Private Funding Meets Family Farming

Over 20 local family farms in Maine supply into Pineland’s three companies (beef, potatoes, and dairy), with profits being reinvested back into the community.

Meat Is Still On the Menu for Environmental Sustainability

How can the livestock industry feed over a billion people while lowering its greenhouse gas emissions?

Shamba is Shaping Up, and Making Over, East African Farms

Shamba Shape Up, a Kenyan agricultural television program, visits a different farm each week educate small farmers.

Once Upon a Map: The African Atlas of Smallholder Agriculture

The Atlas of African Agriculture Research & Development contains a series of maps that illustrate the current situation of African smallholder agriculture.

The Need for Long-Term Drought Policy: From Crisis to Risk Management

There is a call for long-term risk management policy approaches in the context of the increasing severity and longevity of droughts worldwide.

Agriculture Gets A Facelift: How To Bring Youth Back Into The Field

Youth networks across the world are working tirelessly to excite young people about a career in agriculture.

Menu of Solutions to Feed Nine Billion by 2050

Guardian Sustainable Business hosted a panel of experts to discuss: Food and Agriculture: What Are The Sustainability Challenges?

Ugly Fruit and Vegetables Hit the Catwalk

Intermarché have put ugly fruit and vegetables into the spotlight to educate consumers on food waste.

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