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Alexa Ahern is a research and writing intern at Food Tank. She recently finished a Master’s in Journalism at the University of Missouri, where she first became interested in writing about food and agriculture issues. She currently lives in Milan, Italy, where food continues to fascinate and inspire her. She finds she does her best writing over a frothy cappuccino and a creamy ricotta pasticciotto.

Four Ways to Take Action this Earth Day

The Earth Day Network spells out national and global campaigns for changing the food system and lowering your environmental impact.

Food Tank’s Reading List: 17 Books for Spring 2017

Mussels, cheeses, and biofuels. Permaculture and mini farms. Presidential chefs and scientists. Food Tank’s Spring reading list is a feast for the mind and stomach.

Here are 17 Food Heroes Leading Us to a Brighter Food Future

Check out how these 11 people and organizations are alleviating hunger, forging new attitudes about food, and partaking in vital research to better our relationship with food.

School Gardens Teach Skills and Unify Disadvantaged Communities

The Kitchen Community’s school learning gardens are rooted in hands-on teaching, sustainable school food, and applicable life skills. These oases are outdoor classrooms for communities with limited resources and a lack of green spaces.

Send a Cow: Improving Gender Equality for a More Sustainable East Africa

In countries of East Africa, Send a Cow’s training experts share new ideas about gender equality and organic agriculture in order to bring balance and self-sufficiency to communities.

These Cookies Bake Best in Windy, Rainy Conditions

The Scottish couple that started Island Bakery Organics found little success selling their cookies on such a sparsely populated island, but the Isle of Mull provides more than enough in sustainable energy and local ingredients.

Is a Sustainable Soup Kitchen the Answer to Our Food Waste Problems?

In a year, the Refettorio Ambrosiano saved more than 25 tons of food from being wasted. The sustainable soup kitchen continues to pursue a creative and sustainable model for redistributing food waste.

Black-Owned Farmland Experiencing Resurgence in Recent Years

The soil and the streets of black communities hold a deep agricultural tradition that has been disappearing over the past 100 years. Getting back to the land would mean food security for communities that desperately need it.

Food Tank’s Reading List: 17 Books for Winter 2017

Check out these latest and upcoming releases from farmers, biologists, and food leaders to inform and inspire a food revolution in 2017.

Preserving Pollinators in Kenya

Land-grabbing and deforestation have destroyed much of the Mau Forest in Kenya. It is home to the Ogiek community, who have subsisted on the honey of native bees in the forest for hundreds of years.