Emily Weaver
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Emily is an Ohio-based research and writing intern. She earned her BS in International Business and Latin American Studies from John Carroll University and her MS in Cultural Anthropology and Development at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Her previous research focused on rural communities and their interaction with the green movement and traditional development practices. In her free time, Emily enjoys being outdoors, writing letters to friends, and daydreaming.

Food Rescue Bin Pilot from Seattle Public Utilities Reduces Food Waste

Public-private partnerships are offering promising opportunities to reduce food waste and redirect it to those in need.

Funding for the Future of Rwandan Food and Nutrition Needs

Investments in the future of Rwanda’s food systems are not only addressing the immediate needs of communities, but also their longterm resilience.

USDA Organic Livestock Standards Set to Improve Animal Welfare and Public Health

The proposed rule has the potential to increase animal welfare for livestock raised in the United States.

Revolutionizing Agriculture: How Empowering Women Could Boost Global Food Security and GDP

Recent research shows that dismantling gender inequalities in agrifood systems can boost economic growth, food security, and resilience to climate shocks.

20 Books About Food, Agriculture, and the Environment on Food Tank’s Spring 2023 Reading List

This Spring, be inspired by new recipes, a guidebook for climate action, lessons from the Earth, and much more.

USDA Grants $7.5 Million to Support Urban Agriculture and Tackle Food Insecurity

The USDA has launched grants to support urban agriculture and innovation production products.

Youth Food Lab Fosters Inclusion and Access to Young Innovators

The Youth Food Lab is working with young and innovative teams from all over the world to create solutions to ongoing food systems challenges.

Collective Action for a Circular Food Economy in Canada

Canada’s SMART Healthy Cities Training Platform is training the next generation of researchers to create a stronger and healthier food system.

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