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Emma Tozer is pursuing a master’s degree in Agroecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Skåne County, Sweden. Her thesis research investigates the conceptual relationship between local food policy councils and agroecology as a social movement. A Virginia native, she received a BA in Anthropology from James Madison University, where she also worked as a field and lab technician for the JMU Archaeology Research Center. Emma is interested in empowering marginalized groups in food value chains, systems thinking, and the relationships between social forces and eaters’ values and habits.

New Study Suggests Americans Could Feed More People by Changing Diet

A study from Tufts University finds that a vegetarian diet with dairy products has the highest carrying capacity of agricultural land.

United Nations Finds That Greenhouse Gases Are Increasing from Agriculture

A report by the FAO, University of Minnesota, and CGIAR suggests that sustainable intensification is not enough to lower agricultural emissions to safe levels.

New Bill in Congress Dispels Consumer Confusion Surrounding Food Labels

The Food Date Labeling Act in Congress would provide a national-level standard for clear and comprehensible food quality and safety labels.

Controversial GMO Study Finds No Adverse Effects on Human Health

A comprehensive analysis of more than 900 publications provides a fresh perspective on the applications of genetic engineering in agriculture.

Big Food Changes Direction on GMOs

Major food companies, such as General Mills and Mars, Inc., opt to implement GMO labels for all U.S. products.

Putting “Dollars on the Data:” Map the Meal Gap Report Sheds Light on Food Insecurity in U.S.

The 2016 Map the Meal Gap report provides sobering data about food insecurity and food assistance at the local level in the United States.

Analysis Highlights Countries Leading the Fight Against Food Waste

A study, published in December 2015, compares household food waste generation trends and determinants across 44 countries of various income levels.

Feeding Two Birds with One Scone: Copia Re-Routes Food Waste and Alleviates Hunger

Copia, a San Francisco-based organization, uses a tech-savvy business model to address issues of hunger and food distribution.

The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Gives Americans a One-Month Opportunity to Reduce Hunger

During the month of May, the Stamp Out Hunger campaign gives Americans the opportunity to donate and re-route food to the needy.

Knowledge Exchange Program Addresses Threats to Agricultural Biodiversity

A recent knowledge exchange program addressed the need for alternative responses to agricultural biodiversity loss.

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