Hannah Schlueter
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Hannah is a Food Tank Research and Communications Intern. This past fall she completed her Masters of Science in Food and Rural Development Research from Newcastle University. Her thesis explored the links between food security, land rights, and gender in the Kamuli District of Uganda. Hannah’s experiences with subsistence agriculture and food security around the world have created a passion for understanding and working to solve issues surrounding our global food system. In her free time, Hannah enjoys playing her guitar, reading, and watching British baking shows.

Meatpacking Plant Closures Create Continued Economic Hardships for Hog Farmers

Since meatpacking plants closed in response to COVID-19 outbreaks, hog farmers are trying to figure out what that means for them.

Little Free Pantries Providing COVID-19 Food Relief In Seattle

In Seattle, communities are building Little Free Pantries and filling them with pantry goods to help feed their neighbors.

A Love for Farming that Spans Generations — And Continents

For Niman Ranch farmer Jeanne McCormack, sheep farming is not just a job but a way of life that spans generations and continents.

These 18 Organizations Are Building a Stronger Food System Through Agroecology

The agroecology movement encourages farmers to use farming techniques that have many environmental, social, and economic benefits including increased biodiversity and education for women and youth.