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Hillary holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California where she specialized in International Development and Global Health. She also holds a BA from Northwestern University. Hillary has been fortunate enough to study genocide in Sydney, major events and green building at Fundaçio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, public health at Sciences Po in Paris, and community health in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Hillary is constantly searching for the next excuse to travel the globe.

Whole Foods Supplies Customers with Sustainable Seafood

Whole Foods’ seafood sustainability model provides consumers with confidence when buying fish, conserving marine biodiversity one salmon at a time.

Save the Bees! What’s Threatening Pollinators and Why They Are Vital to Agriculture

Pollinators are responsible for much of the food we consume, but are experiencing sharp declines. The Xerces Society speaks with Food Tank about conservation.

Rice, Peanuts, and Cassava: How One West-African Activist is Using Organic Farming to Feed Youth

Activist Sahr Yillia is using smallholder organic farming in Liberia and Sierra Leone to feed and educate disadvantaged youth.

Disaster Relief Series: Emergency Food Aid in The Gulf Region After Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina caused almost 2,000 deaths and inflicted major environmental damage along the coastline; FEMA’s food and water delivery was infamously slow.

Disaster Relief Series: Emergency Food Aid in East Asia After the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

The 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake killed 150,000 and devastated local agriculture, food supplies, and stores of clean water. Emergency food aid was critical.

Feeding America When School Is Out: School Meals Disappear During Summer Break

School’s out for summer, but what does that mean for low-income children reliant on free or subsidized school meals?

Food: A Forum: The Meaning of Sustainability and Sustainable Sustenance

Jerry Glover, Nadine Azzu, Ben R. Jordan, and chef José Andrés weigh in on what it takes to grow enough food for the planet.

Food: A Forum: Solutions for a Hungry Planet with Jon Foley

Jonathan Foley opened up Food: A Forum with detailed solutions for meeting the nutritional demands of the world’s growing population.

Don’t Forget Landscapes! LPFN Drafts a Position Statement for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

LPFN has drafted a position statement to send to the United Nations’ Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that landscapes are included.

The Peterson Garden Project Is Growing Roots in Chicago

The Peterson Garden Project is reviving urban gardening in Chicago and promoting local food production by helping growers turn seeds into food.

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