Kirby Barth
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Kirby is a passionate food researcher and a new Fellow on the Food Tank team. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2016 with a degree in Anthropology, and minors in Psychology and Spanish. After writing her undergraduate thesis about food culture in Seville, Spain, one of her favorite places on earth, she has continued to pursue learning more about food culture in everyday life. She organizes food-themed events for Atlas Obscura Society Chicago, and spends her free time volunteering, rock climbing, traveling, and biking. She’s especially interested in reducing food waste and solving hunger and malnutrition.

Uniting African Farmers Through Social Media

A small farmer in Eastern Kenya is unifying thousands of farmers throughout Kenya using social media to address their plight, and provide a platform to learn from one another.

Fireside Chat with San Diego’s Service Industry workers: Keith Maddox and Brigette Browning

Keith Maddox and Brigette Browning expose the realities of the San Diego labor force and how union organizations help relieve daily financial struggles for minimum wage workers.

A Conversation About Artificial Intelligence and Technology in Food Systems

Experts in agriculture, artificial intelligence, and technology sit down to discuss the current and future role of tech in agriculture. Former Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack opens the discussion.