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Lucienne Cross is a writer and program manager for organizations that empower small and young farmers through training, business and sustainability opportunities. She works on food and agriculture projects in both New York and the West Indies.

A Partnership with Food MythBusters

Food Tank is partnering with Food MythBusters to build an international food community through the power of information.

Farming Cooperatives in Haiti: A Chance to Advance

Three years after the devastating earthquake, farming cooperatives allow farmers opportunities for success and advancement.

Brazil’s Locally Sourced School Lunches

Brazil’s successful school meals program requires 30 percent of all food served in public schools must be locally sourced from family farmers.

Obesity and Inequality in Chile

President Piñera’s Elige Vivir Sano program aims to reduce obesity by educating Chileans about physical activity and nutrition.

Food Vouchers a Critical Part of HIV Treatment

HIV treatment and prevention programs from Zimbabwe to New York use innovative food vouchers to combat malnutrition.

The Five-Borough Farm Project: Expanding urban agriculture potential in NYC

The Five Borough Farm synthesizes urban agriculture research to create innovative metrics and a comprehensive strategy for expanding NYC’s capabilities.

Addressing the Link Between Disability and Food Insecurity

Disability prevents both producers and consumers from accessing food and a healthy livelihood.

Phone app AppliFish helps consumers choose sustainable fish

Applifish is a new phone app that helps consumers learn about the sustainability of the fish they purchase.

Science Forum 2013: Nutrition, Health and Agricultural Research

CGIAR’s third biennial Science Forum focuses on the links between nutrition, health and agriculture. The event will be held in Bonn, Germany in September 2013.

The Taste of Comfort for Syrian Refugees

As violence ravages their home and life savings disappear, many Syrian refugees are getting a taste of the home with the U.N. World Food Program’s (WFP) voucher-based food aid. According to an article published by WFP, nearly 200,000 Syrians have fled the violent conflict to nearby…

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