Nina McKee
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Nina is a student at Wellesley College; avid reader, writer, and adventurer; enthusiast of sunflowers and rain dances; and passionate advocate of sustainable living practices.

Voting Soda Off the Ballot

Albany, Oakland, and San Francisco will now charge a one percent tax on all sugary beverages. Boulder is to charge a two percent tax.

Food Tank Launches Democratizing Innovation Research Program –– Share Your Solutions!

Food Tank announces the exciting start of a research project with the McKnight Foundation and YOU to learn about innovational solutions to the food system!

Indigenous Crop: Okra––Eat Your Ladies’ Fingers!

Okra, or ladies’ fingers, are served as a nutritious dish around the world.

Popeye’s Favorite Indigenous Crop: Malabar Spinach

Edible raw or cooked and yielding plentiful harvests, malabar spinach could be a delicious addition to your garden and summer salads.

Indigenous Crop: The Elephant Foot Yam

Elephant foot yam is a tropical tuber crop native to tropical parts of Asia, and cultivated for its various edible parts.

Do You Want Flies With That? 10 Insects You Should Consider Adding to Your Diet

Insects are a nutritious source of energy, and adding them to your diet could reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions by up to 18 percent.

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