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Sarah DeWitt is a committed food localist working directly with over 150 farmers, chefs, and artisans as the manager of Ann Arbor's century-old, producers-only farmers market in Michigan. She is an urbanist with a particular focus on local food systems. Sarah's research and experience centers on local food education, urban and suburban food systems, and local food access. She can be contacted at

Agricultural Improvements in the Semi-Arid Tropics: An Interview with ICRISAT’s Dr. William Dar

ICRISAT fosters an agriculture research culture focused on smallholder farmer input, open source data sharing, and reducing poverty in the semi-arid tropics.

Farmers Market Customers Will Benefit from New Mobile Market+ App

Mobile Market+, a product of the Novo Dia Group, aims to streamline various revenue sources through one device and application at farmers markets.

The Lunchbox Fund Converts Foodie Photos to School Lunches

The Lunchbox Fund uses a new app, Feedie, to tap into the foodie photo market for the benefit of undernourished children in South Africa.

Indonesia Organic: A Virtual Organic Food Hub

Indonesia Organic is a virtual hub for the promotion and development of organic agricultural sector in Indonesia.

Amaranth Lauded As Obesity-Fighting, Nutrition-Building Grain

Amaranth has been promoted as an important food for combating obesity, particularly in Mexico, where the grain has its origins.

No More Business-As-Usual, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Calls for Change

The U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network offers new approaches to food systems and agriculture across the globe.

Food Hero: Fair Food Network’s Double Up Food Bucks Program

Double Up Food Bucks allows Michigan farmers markets to double the purchasing power for customers using federal food assistance dollars.

Food Hero: Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK

NETWORK Director Sister Simone Campbell calls on Congress to continue funding for SNAP benefits, which represent “a lifeline to millions of Americans.”

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